Our pactice.

Guzman Arthur Business Consulting is a
pioneer practice specializing in operational
transformation to drive sustainable growth.
We bring over a decade of experience
supporting growing businesses in
infrastructure, logistics, and professional
services and a multidisciplinary team of
highly skilled experts ready to help your
company transform operationally to take
advantage of market opportunities.

If you are looking to run your business
operations efficiently, we invite you to
reach us for a conversation.

From our
Founder and CEO.

Hello, I am Girelle Guzmán Arthur, Founder, and CEO at Guzman Arthur Business Consulting. At Guzmán Arthur, we specialize in operational transformation to help founders and business leaders in infrastructure, logistics, and professional services achieve sustainable growth.
My passion for consulting stems from over a decade of supporting a range of work environments where I witnessed how the combination of motivated people, thoughtfully designed processes, applied technology, and training could transform businesses and organizations for scale.
Through Guzman Arthur, I build multidisciplinary, execution-driven teams that support growing companies by defining operational strategy, process design, applied technology, training, and intelligent reporting.
The focus on infrastructure, logistics, and services is intentional, for these businesses have the most significant impact on our physical environment and how our goods and services are delivered.
If you are a leader seeking to position your business for sustainable growth, I invite you to reach us for a conversation.

Thank you,
Girelle Guzmán Arthur.